Hello everybody,

Phew, it’s been a crazy week.  I can’t even believe it is Friday already.   I have been working on some changes for this website over the past few weeks.  So keep an eye out in the upcoming days for some of the new and fun things that we implemented.

I am happy to announce that the first big change is the beginning of Free Printable Coloring Page Friday!!  I thought this would be a great way to start the weekend for everybody.

This weeks Free Printable Coloring Page is a simple and fun reminder that YOU are awesome and amazing.   You can find out more about this free printable coloring page by clicking here.

I am sorry this post is so short, however, rest assured that I am working on some big events and fun projects for everybody.  Monday will be our first Mandala Monday so stay tuned for that….. and be sure to keep an eye out for our first ever GIVEAWAY.  I have some pretty fun prizes picked out for this…. trust me.. you do not want to miss out.

So don’t forget to Download. Print. Create! the new “Be You” Printable Coloring Page and just enjoy the weekend ahead.  Don’t forget to check out Mandala Monday!!.


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